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Aw, look at the cute little sissy!

His Mistress has dressed him up so cute! A pretty little sissy dress...cute little Mary Jane sissy shoes. Oh look, those little shoes have such a tiny little heel but sissy can barely walk in them. Poor thing!

And look at what a pretty blonde, curly sissy wig she's put him in. That sissy's Mistress must really adore her sissy to take all that time to dress her up so pretty - what a silly sissy! And doesn't sissy look so adorably silly in that pretty pink lipstick and matching pink sissy nail polish? Oh Mistress has gone ALL OUT to make sissy beautiful today, hasn't she? And I bet she has pretty sissy panties on underneath that dress, and a pretty pink sissy bra. Maybe if we ask Mistress nicely, she will instruct sissy to give us a peek at her pretty panties. And look how polite our sissy is! She sure has received the very best in sissy training, hasn't she? Oh, but look, pretty sissy is starting to blush! How could such a pretty sissy be such a
humiliated sissy? You know what - I think she LIKES to be a humiliated sissy. Maybe a sissy wife or sissy husband. But maybe mistress has a boyfriend and will cuckold sissy into a sissy cuck. Sissies love sucking cock for mistress.

I wonder what Mistress is going to do with sissy now that she's dressed up so pretty? Well, I hear that sissy is going to have to serve TEA to all of Mistress' friends today. Oh yes, she's been trained to curtsy like a proper sissy should. She's been trained to carry the tray of teas and cookies and to avert her eyes when serving Mistress and her friends. And of course she is well trained to clean up afterward.

And THEN I hear that Mistress has some naughtier events in store for the pretty little sissy. What naughty events, you ask? Well you'll just have to look inside Mistress' site and see!

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